Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the difference at ShareHomeBrussels?

In our houses, you don’t simply rent a private comfortable room and bathroom and shared common areas such as a living-room, dining room and kitchen. You truly become part of the house community and commit to share a set of common values of collaboration, respect and joy with your housemates

Who can apply for a house sharing?

Everyone can apply to share a house atShareHomeBrussels. Most of our tenants are working professionals between 22 and 35 years old

Can I see my house and room before renting?

Yes! Simply fill in the online form. ShareHomeBrussels will set up a physical or virtual visit of the house and you will meet with your future housemates

How is co-living organized in each house?

In each house, tenants elect a House Leader. The House Leader coordinates the overall internal organization of the house and the well-being of all tenants. He/she is often the first point of contact for new tenants

Can I choose a specific house or room?

When contacting ShareHomeBrussels, you can express a preference for a certain house or room. We will put you in contact with the community of your preferred house. If your preferred choice is unavailable, we will suggest alternative houses

How do I reserve a room?

Once your contact with the community of housemates appears to be positive for both parties, ShareHomeBrussels will validate your application and present you a regular lease contract. Your room is reserved as soon as the contract is signed and a 2 month deposit is paid

How much does it cost?

Rents range between 450€ and 700€ per room and per month. A fixed monthly amount of 100€ is added to cover all service charges. Upon signature of the lease, you will be asked for a 2 month deposit, which will be reimbursed when you leave

Is there a minimum stay in the house?

To favour a sustainable house sharing experience, tenants typically stay for a minimum of 6 months. Pending availabilities, the house tenants and the landlord can sometimes accommodate shorter stays

Can I leave when I want?

Yes, you can leave whenever you like, provide you give two month’s notice. Upon departure, you are responsible for finding a replacement, in coordination with the House Leader and all tenants

Can I domicile in the house?

Yes, the lease contract foresees that you domicile in the house.  You can do so by simply registereing at the Commune

What is included in the service charges?

The service charge of €100 per month covers electricity, gas, water, high-speed internet in the entire house, house insurance (not including private belongings of the tenants), weekly clean-up of all common areas, a bi-annual technical checkup of the house.

Is the house fully furnished?

Yes, all common areas are fully furnished with a nice touch of contemporary design and a few stylish artifacts. Furniture includes among others a large-screen TV in the living room, full kitchen utensils and garden/terrace equipment (including a BBQ)

Are the rooms fully furnished?

Yes, all rooms are fully furnished with a nice touch of contemporary design and a few stylish artifacts. One pair of bed and bath-linen are provided

Do I have my own bathroom or shower?

Most rooms enjoy the privacy of their own shower or bathroom. Some rooms share a shower or bathroom with one other tenant

Can I do my laundry in the house?

Yes, all houses have a washing-machine and a dryer for use by all tenants

Can I park a bicycle or a bike in the house?

Some houses have their own parking or storage space for bicycles and motorbikes.

Can I invite friends in the house?

Your family members and friends are welcome in your house, provided your housemates agree with it.

Can I share a room with a partner?

No. Occupancy is designed for a single use of each room (except when inviting friends for short stays)

Can I smoke in the house?

Smoking is not allowed inside the houses. It is allowed in the gardens or terraces (when available)

Can I own a pet in the house?

Unfortunately not