House Community

At ShareHome you are not only living in a  well-designed house, you also join a vivid community of young internationals. You enjoy an exciting coliving experience with your housemates. Every community creates joyful memories with loads of laughters and many epic pictures. Share your adventure and make lifelong friends.

« The more we share, the more we have »

Leonard Nemoy

« It was a pleasure staying at the Pavie House. The housemates have not only been housemates but we have become friends for a lifetime. I recommend ShareHome to everyone who is looking for a great accommodation in Brussels »

Sophie (Austria), Squares 4 House

ShareHome Community

By joining ShareHome you will also become a member of the wider ShareHome community. Connect with a happy community of hundreds of young internationals in Brussels through our Community App. You can become an active part of this lively community by sharing your time, your passion and your interests with like-minded people


Become part of something bigger


NEW – You can now connect, meet and share with other ShareHomers through our Community App. Organize events, share topics and meet like-minded people during your stay at ShareHome


Enjoy the power of community

« ShareHome provides a real community where you can get to know people from all over the world. On top of the group of flatmates that you will share your home with, you will have access to a wider community, by getting in touch with people living in the other houses managed by ShareHome, where you can find people who share your passions/hobbies and adhere to this project. All this makes the life of an expat much easier and much more fun! »

Ljuba (Italy), Squares 1 House

At ShareHome, you don’t simply rent a private room with bathroom, you share spacious common area’s and you become part of a true community with shared values of collaboration, respect and joy