new shared house opening in Brussels for a vived community of expats and young workers
Avenue Roodebeek, 275 - 1030 Brussels
Public Transport: Bus 21, 79 (0' walk) - Tram 7, 25 (5'walk) - Metro Montgomery (15'walk)
Shared transport: Shared bycicle point, scootie's, e-bikes
Proximity: Diament (5' walk), City parcs (Roodebeek - Gearges Henri), EU quarter (15' by transport)
Shops: Supermarkets, shops
Point of interest: Diament (5' walk), city parcs, easy access highway


Fully renovated house (2020) of 600m²
En-suite living room, chill room and fully equipped kitchen
Huge garden, terrace, BBQ


14 comfortable fully furnished bedrooms (17-31m²) with private shower and private WC
Private shower and private toilet
Contract : flexible duration


Flat screen & Cable TV
Internet & Netflix
Washing machine & Dryer


A lively community of 14 young international professionals, all living by the 3 core values of collaboration, respect and joy

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